• AVC-Hybrid Matrix - PLUS-4A / PLUS-4B Professional Matrix Switcher

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RS232 protocol control

Can be standby for 24 hours, with on-site switching memory protection function, with RS232 serial port communication interface, can be used with computer, remote control system or various remote control devices;

Simultaneously switch audio and video signals

Multi-channel signals are switched from the input channel to any output channel, and the output channels are independent of each other, allowing audio and video to be synchronously or asynchronously switched;


Two meeting professional matrix switcher

The PLUS-4A/PLUS-4B is tailor-made for the needs of four-way VGA, four-way VIDEO, eight-way AUDIO input, and four-way output. It is powerful, affordable, compact, and easy to operate. It can be called a small-medium conference room. The ultimate solution for signal switching.

Prezantasyon Swich, Seçici Usually, a small and medium-sized conference room has a limited number of signal sources and display devices. Four channels of VGA, four channels of VIDEO, and eight

AVC-Hybrid Matrix - PLUS-4A / PLUS-4B Professional Matrix Switcher

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